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Welcome to Visonmed’s World !

Established in 1993 with the objective of exporting outstanding medical products to worldwide, Visonmed is concentrated on supplying the complete, professional range of medical items to customers for more than 15 years. After the decade of sustaining healthy growth, Visonmed is considered as the most trustworthy Brand all over the world.

Being the leading Medical Supplies exporter in Tianjin City , the rising international gateway in the North of China , our mission within the health care Market is Making Outstanding Products ,Providing Outstanding Service, and Being Outstanding Partner .

As an experienced Service –Oriented company, we maintain the quality is superior to anything. Through the business with famous international medical organizations, our products keep advancing in the aspects of quality, technology and crafts. Most of our products have obtained the CE and FDA certificate and all of our factories achieve the standard of ISO Quality System. To be the partner of Visonmed, customers will enjoy the world standard products and service.

Holding the faith of more professional, more comprehensive, more breakthrough, Visonmed is not only focus on fulfilling the individual requirements from the customers, but also devote to becoming medical dictionary of our clients. At present the extensive product scope can be divided into the following sections: •Medical Instruments •Medical Equipments •Surgical Dressing which can cover the every procedure in medical care activities such as Surgery , Internal Medicine, ICU Care, Medical intubation ,Emergency Medicine and so on .

The Gate of Visonmed Medical World is opening to the advisable and insight partner, take a journey in it then you will intensive impressed by how brilliant it is. Now please do not hesitate and feeling it cause ----With Visonmed, Being Success!