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  • Q: Is The OEM Production Acceptable? How Can I Receive the OEM Service From Visonmed?
  • A: Visonmed is experienced to provide OEM Service .The only things required in OEM service is your demand and Samples .After receiving your detailed design of packing, we will send you the model to confirm .Or you can easily send us your idea and we will reply our well-designed demo of packing to you .Then, all the productions will strictly follow your requirements.

  • Q: What Shall I do when there is No Products Attract Me?
  • A: Have not find you favorite goods? Do not Worry, our custom service team will help you to solve this problem .By sending your demand to our Email:, we will enjoy both our duly reply and the relevant support on technology statistic. Also you can directly let our sales elite become your contact person, your specific requirements can be fulfilled more efficient.

  • Q: Is the Sample and catalogue of Your Products Available? How to Enjoy Your Sample Service?
  • A: Our Samples for the Every Clients are Free! To facilitate your reference, we are pleased to forward our excellent samples to you .Whenever you want the samples and their amount within 30 USD , kindly indicating us your Express Account then our samples will reach your end at a fantastic speed.

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