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  • Q: What about the MOQ for Visonmed’s Medical Supplies
  • A: We have specific MOQ for every products .Usually, our MOQ for Medical Instruments is USD $ 5000 and for Large Scale Medical Equipments is 3 sets. Please kindly notice that the above parameter is affected by the fluctuation of the market, therefore, we sincerely hope you to contact us regularly for the latest new of our MOQ.

  • Q: Do Visonmed have exclusive distributor in the world.
  • A: This depends on the region of the customer .As a historic supplier, Visonmed have several distributor in different country. However ,you still have chance to become the special intimate  of Visonmed .Please friendly communicate with our administrator by email to for more accurate confirmation on this matter

  • Q: Which kind of medical products can Visonmed provide?
  • A: At present, our medical products can be divided into three main sectors: Medical Instruments, Medical Equipment and Surgical Dressing. You could easily gain more detailed information of Visonmed medical supplies by the simply click the option on the homepage 

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